Welcome to the good wife in training!

Two years ago i lived in rented accommodation with my chap and cat, spending what we wanted when we wanted, doing what we wanted when we wanted and really having no commitments apart from each other and our jobs.  Fast forward two years and I’m now a home owner with a (eeeek) mortgage, a wife to my amazing husband and a mummy to our adorable son.

A lot has changed for me, I’m having to learn an awful lot very quickly, with the most important being;

– how to be a mum

– how to cook – we can’t just get a takeout when ever we feel like it now , and married to a chef means I’ve never really had to cook!

– how to manage our household on one income – going from two great salaries with a lot of disposable income to having just one income .

I hope to share some of my highs, lows, finds, recipes, tips etc with this blog.  I also hope this can be a space for me to talk about things I love / hate / want / have, things I craft / want to craft , and generally talk about my love of ‘things’ – you ladies know what I mean, just ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ !

So welcome, stay a while, and join me on this journey from single gal with a cat to being a good wife and mummy (still with a cat!)


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