Cooking…..or rather burning

Being married to a chap who not only loves cooking, but also does it for a living is brilliant. However there’s a number of downsides (surly not …..)

1 – everything, and I mean everything is cooked in a block of butter. If it doesn’t have butter in it, apparently it’s not worth eating. The same with salt. If it’s not got enough salt in to block an artery, then it’s bland and under seasoned. No wonder chefs get stroppy when they see people adding salt to their meal, they are probably worried about being sued for a butter and salt induced heart attack.  And then there’s salted butter….the deadly combination that should be reserved only for spreading on bread.

2 – you get fat. Simple. That much butter and cream (apparently low fat just isn’t the same) and everything else that’s bad for you, when a chefs cooking at home, is never going to be served in moderation. So you get fat. And if like me you have a child, there is no longer any time to exercise, because chefs work stupidly long hours, that you always have a little person In tow.

3 – you eat takeaways. Especially kebabs. Believe it or not, they don’t always want to cook when they are at home .they just want to eat a dirty takeaway. Point 2 swiftly follows.

4 – you hate cooking for them. Something will always be wrong, and in my case it appears that I like to burn or over cook things. So far this week, I have managed to almost overlook a ham (I forgot it was in the oven) , burn a pizza and undercook some chips.

luckily, the huge upside is I don’t often have to cook! On my quest to be a good wife though, I’m going to attempt to cook more – and hopefully get slimmer in the process!


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