Sleeping like a baby…..

Ever since baby boy graced us with his presence 4 months ago, he’s been terrible at napping. On the rare occasions he would nap, he would only fall asleep in my arms, in his pram (while being pushed) or in the car.

4 months down the line, and I still get nothing done during the day as he’s either playing with me there, eating or sleeping on me.

This week id finally had enough; the washing up was about to take over the kitchen, we had no clothes left to wear, and I stank (I seriously needed a shower, but that’s a whole other story) – I needed just half an hour to myself to get a few jobs done , and maybe treat myself to a brew. Not to mention that I had a stinking migraine and needed some shut eye myself!

After a visit from our lovely health visitor, being told that I looked terrible (migraine) and me pouring my heart out, she gave me the lowdown on how to do it – but warned me, after 4 months it was going to be hard.  I will add here to the little munchkin has no trouble going to bed at night, and can get himself back to sleep when he does wake up, it’s just the dresses daytime naps he can’t deal with.

So yesterday was day 1; the signs were there, rubby eyes, whinging – so we gave it a whirl. After 40 minutes of cry, pick up, settle, put down, leave the room – on repeat – I had 10 minutes of silence (he wasn’t asleep though) followed by another 10 minutes of the same routine until I gave up. I admitted defeat, took him out in his pram and within minutes he was asleep.

Today was day 2; we saw the signs so ran upstairs and started the process again. This time we had 17 minutes of cry, pick up, settle, put down and then success! 40 minutes of sleep!

Now I’m certainly not going to think it will be like this every day (i’m secretly hoping it will get better!) but for today, I’m happy, munchkin is happy and I got to drink a hot brew!


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