If baby could talk 

When my husbands birthday was creeping upon us rather quickly (you wouldn’t think it was the same day every year …) I was stuck with what to get ‘daddy’ from our baby boy. 

I’d got the generic ‘best daddy’ presents – and being so close to Father’s Day, they had to be split between the 2 celebrations – so I – I mean baby – needed something different. 

Hubby was due to be working late the night before his birthday – not home till gone midnight , so I knew he would want to get up with baby boy as soon as he woke up, having not seen him for a couple of days- how could baby boy say happy birthday to daddy? And so ‘if baby could talk’ was born. 

I decided to buy some plain baby vests, some transfer paper and make a baby vest saying ‘happy birthday daddy’ – it worked a treat! When Ted woke up at 7am, daddy went to get him out of bed, and upon taking him out of his sleeping bag, saw Teds vest ! It was his was of being able to say happy birthday! Hubby loved it!

After chatting about the vest, we started coming up with more ideas and things started from there. We created a name, a Facebook page, and received 9 orders in the next 24 hours for Father’s Day . 

I’ve really enjoyed doing this – and the bonus is its a little pocket money for me! 

If you would like a personalised baby vest, please get in touch via our Facebook page: if baby could talk 

Prices start from £5 + delivery 



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