If baby could talk 

When my husbands birthday was creeping upon us rather quickly (you wouldn’t think it was the same day every year …) I was stuck with what to get ‘daddy’ from our baby boy. 

I’d got the generic ‘best daddy’ presents – and being so close to Father’s Day, they had to be split between the 2 celebrations – so I – I mean baby – needed something different. 

Hubby was due to be working late the night before his birthday – not home till gone midnight , so I knew he would want to get up with baby boy as soon as he woke up, having not seen him for a couple of days- how could baby boy say happy birthday to daddy? And so ‘if baby could talk’ was born. 

I decided to buy some plain baby vests, some transfer paper and make a baby vest saying ‘happy birthday daddy’ – it worked a treat! When Ted woke up at 7am, daddy went to get him out of bed, and upon taking him out of his sleeping bag, saw Teds vest ! It was his was of being able to say happy birthday! Hubby loved it!

After chatting about the vest, we started coming up with more ideas and things started from there. We created a name, a Facebook page, and received 9 orders in the next 24 hours for Father’s Day . 

I’ve really enjoyed doing this – and the bonus is its a little pocket money for me! 

If you would like a personalised baby vest, please get in touch via our Facebook page: if baby could talk 

Prices start from £5 + delivery 



Happy mail !

For the past year or so, I’ve kept hearing about these monthly box subscriptions; Twitter, Facebook, magazines, blogs etc have been awash with them, and I started to feel like I was missing out on this craze.

Ive always LOVED getting mail. It doesn’t matter what it is, I just love getting post. Especially if it’s handwritten, but that’s another blog post.

The he idea of combining several of my loves – post, parcels, surprises and ‘things’ I just had to give it a go. I always loved those lucky dips you used to get in shops!

Now bearing in mind that I’m a mummy on maternity leave right now, finances aren’t the best, so I didn’t want to subscribe straight away (however much I wanted to) so I chose to order a one off box. I must add here though that most of the sites offering these boxes offer special prices for the more you order.

I browsed the many sites before choosing which box I wanted to order (it was hard not to order one off every site!) and eventually settled on ihearthomes.co.uk – this is a great little website I’ve ordered from before, so I knew the contents would be lovely.

The box cost £12 and that price included delivery – one of the most reasonably priced boxes I came across.

A few days after ordering, it arrived – yay!! The first thing I lovedwas that it fit through the letter box. A huge plus for me – no having the postman ring the bell and waking up young sir! There were two other options to choose from on the website, priced at £18 and £28 – the £28 box it should be noted will not fit through your letterbox.

I opened this little box of loveliness to find it wrapped in tissue paper inside – it made it feel special, like someone was sending me a gift! Now the contents, needless to say I was a tad giddy by this point. My happy mail box contained: a word print, magnet, photo frame, paper tape (I LOVE this stuff) , paper clips, lollipop, a tissue paper thing I’m yet to open and a little fabric purse / makeup bag.

Happy mail

The whole box is fab – a little box of loveliness that brightened my day. I’ll make use of everything in the box, and if for any reason I didn’t, I’ll happily gift it to someone as a stocking filler.

Im desperate to try some more of these boxes and will do in due course, but for now I’m going off to enjoy my rose lollipop!

The good wife in training xx





Courgette loaf

Now those who know me best know that I hate, no, wait… I despise courgettes. In my eyes they are the fruit of the devil. So it took me by great surprise one day when I was presented with courgette cake. I loved it. It came with w mascarpone filling and was incredible.

This is my take on the courgette cake. I love the cake, but the obvious problem with it is it needs to be rated. This loaf is smaller and not as ‘cakey’ – perfect for enjoying as a snack, a pudding or even a slightly healthier alternative for a lunch box!

The below recipe makes one standard loaf tin.


  • 300g self raising flour
  • 1 x regular courgette, grated 
  • 2 x eggs
  • 150g sugar (white or light brown)
  • 150ml vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon (or more – this is personal preference) of each of the following: cinnamon, ginger, mixed spices 
  • 150g raisins / sultanas (either/or/both)
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 180c or 160c for fan assisted ovens
  2. Grate courgette roughly.
  3. Using a sieve, squeeze out any excess moisture from the courgette
  4. Mix the egg, sugar & oil, and then stir in the courgettes
  5. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, spices, fruit & salt
  6. Create a well in the flour mix
  7. Add the courgette mix to the flour mix and stir thoroughly
  8. Pour until the loaf tin
  9. Bake for 60 – 70 minutes, checking from 50 minutes.
  10. Test loaf with w sharp thin knife or a skewer m. When this comes out clear, your bake is ready!
  11. Ensure you enjoy a slice warm, with a nice cup of earl grey!

I hope you love this cake as much as i do!

Sleeping like a baby…..

Ever since baby boy graced us with his presence 4 months ago, he’s been terrible at napping. On the rare occasions he would nap, he would only fall asleep in my arms, in his pram (while being pushed) or in the car.

4 months down the line, and I still get nothing done during the day as he’s either playing with me there, eating or sleeping on me.

This week id finally had enough; the washing up was about to take over the kitchen, we had no clothes left to wear, and I stank (I seriously needed a shower, but that’s a whole other story) – I needed just half an hour to myself to get a few jobs done , and maybe treat myself to a brew. Not to mention that I had a stinking migraine and needed some shut eye myself!

After a visit from our lovely health visitor, being told that I looked terrible (migraine) and me pouring my heart out, she gave me the lowdown on how to do it – but warned me, after 4 months it was going to be hard.  I will add here to the little munchkin has no trouble going to bed at night, and can get himself back to sleep when he does wake up, it’s just the dresses daytime naps he can’t deal with.

So yesterday was day 1; the signs were there, rubby eyes, whinging – so we gave it a whirl. After 40 minutes of cry, pick up, settle, put down, leave the room – on repeat – I had 10 minutes of silence (he wasn’t asleep though) followed by another 10 minutes of the same routine until I gave up. I admitted defeat, took him out in his pram and within minutes he was asleep.

Today was day 2; we saw the signs so ran upstairs and started the process again. This time we had 17 minutes of cry, pick up, settle, put down and then success! 40 minutes of sleep!

Now I’m certainly not going to think it will be like this every day (i’m secretly hoping it will get better!) but for today, I’m happy, munchkin is happy and I got to drink a hot brew!

Cooking…..or rather burning

Being married to a chap who not only loves cooking, but also does it for a living is brilliant. However there’s a number of downsides (surly not …..)

1 – everything, and I mean everything is cooked in a block of butter. If it doesn’t have butter in it, apparently it’s not worth eating. The same with salt. If it’s not got enough salt in to block an artery, then it’s bland and under seasoned. No wonder chefs get stroppy when they see people adding salt to their meal, they are probably worried about being sued for a butter and salt induced heart attack.  And then there’s salted butter….the deadly combination that should be reserved only for spreading on bread.

2 – you get fat. Simple. That much butter and cream (apparently low fat just isn’t the same) and everything else that’s bad for you, when a chefs cooking at home, is never going to be served in moderation. So you get fat. And if like me you have a child, there is no longer any time to exercise, because chefs work stupidly long hours, that you always have a little person In tow.

3 – you eat takeaways. Especially kebabs. Believe it or not, they don’t always want to cook when they are at home .they just want to eat a dirty takeaway. Point 2 swiftly follows.

4 – you hate cooking for them. Something will always be wrong, and in my case it appears that I like to burn or over cook things. So far this week, I have managed to almost overlook a ham (I forgot it was in the oven) , burn a pizza and undercook some chips.

luckily, the huge upside is I don’t often have to cook! On my quest to be a good wife though, I’m going to attempt to cook more – and hopefully get slimmer in the process!

Welcome to the good wife in training!

Two years ago i lived in rented accommodation with my chap and cat, spending what we wanted when we wanted, doing what we wanted when we wanted and really having no commitments apart from each other and our jobs.  Fast forward two years and I’m now a home owner with a (eeeek) mortgage, a wife to my amazing husband and a mummy to our adorable son.

A lot has changed for me, I’m having to learn an awful lot very quickly, with the most important being;

– how to be a mum

– how to cook – we can’t just get a takeout when ever we feel like it now , and married to a chef means I’ve never really had to cook!

– how to manage our household on one income – going from two great salaries with a lot of disposable income to having just one income .

I hope to share some of my highs, lows, finds, recipes, tips etc with this blog.  I also hope this can be a space for me to talk about things I love / hate / want / have, things I craft / want to craft , and generally talk about my love of ‘things’ – you ladies know what I mean, just ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ !

So welcome, stay a while, and join me on this journey from single gal with a cat to being a good wife and mummy (still with a cat!)